Month: July 2020

Main Functions of the Muscular System

Many people have suffered from sore muscles at some point in their lives. Whether they be from sports injuries or such caused by everyday activity, they often only ache for a few days before they’re as good as new. But have you ever stopped to think about all of the different parts that make up […]

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Post-Workout Recovery Tips

Staying in shape is difficult to do. Millions of people make it their New Year’s resolution to be more active or to lose weight, but so many quit after just a few days or weeks. Why is that? It may be because of the aches and pains that we’re left with after a good workout. […]

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Seeking Insomnia Relief with Alcohol: A Disaster in the Making

With 30% to 40% of adults in the United States claiming to suffer from symptoms of insomnia within the last twelve months, it’s safe to say that the condition is a problem for many Americans. Some try natural insomnia remedies to help combat their symptoms, such as relaxation techniques, sleep restriction, or diet changes. But […]

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