The Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Blanket Comes in 3 Different Sizes with the Same Great Benefits

The Gladiator Blanket is now available in three different sizes!

Each blanket size offers unique benefits to the user.

  • Original blanket
  • T-Shape blanket
  • Mini blanket

Gladiator Blanket Sizes

The Original Gladiator Blanket

Our first and most popular blanket is the original Gladiator Blanket. The rectangular shape is used over your abdomen or back to increase circulation throughout the body. However, the flexibility of the blanket allows for a range of other uses too. You can use it over a major muscle after a workout to reduce soreness or use it to reduce the frequency or severity of an inflammatory bowel disease flare-up.

The T-Shape Gladiator Blanket

The unique design of the t-shape Gladiator Blanket allows it to conform to the back, hip, or shoulder, creating more coverage over large joints that the original blanket may not be able to cover. For individuals suffering from arthritis, they can wrap the t-shape blanket for additional coverage around the entire joint for 360 degrees of far infrared.

The Mini Gladiator Blanket

The mini Gladiator Blanket is the newest addition to the Gladiator Therapeutics product line! The mini blanket was designed to cover smaller areas that are experiencing pain or discomfort. However, it can be used anywhere on the body to reduce, eliminate, or prevent pain and discomfort.


Gladiator Break

The Patented Ceramics

All of our products contain our patented ceramics, which are made up of rare earth metals. Due to its smaller size, the mini blanket contains 10 patented ceramics while the original blanket has 20 ceramics and t-shape blanket has 19 ceramics. However, the results are the same with Gladiator Blanket users experiencing recovery, at the speed of light!

The Science Behind the Blanket Remains the Same

The size of the new blanket may be different, but the science behind the blanket is the same. Each of our patented ceramics uses far infrared technology to help improve circulation and reduce the inflammation that can cause pain.

When you place any of our Gladiator Therapeutics products on your target area, the ceramics absorb your body’s ambient heat and convert it into far infrared energy in the form of photons. The curved shape and perforations of the ceramics help to redirect the photons back into the body. Once the photons enter the body, they go to work! The photons interact with the water molecules that are naturally occurring in the plasma (the fluid component of blood). The photons vibrate the clusters of water molecules to break down into smaller clusters, which allow the blood to move more easily.

But How Much Does It Cost?

There are plenty of payment options available to help reduce the cost and exclusive offers that are displayed on our shop page.

Plus, you can try the blanket for FREE for the first 30 days! And we honor our 100% money back guarantee which means that if within the first 30 days you use the blanket you don’t feel like it’s given you the relief you need, just send it back to us with no questions asked.

The newest blanket is a smaller size and a lower price with the same benefits!

Special Introductory Offer for the Mini Blanket!

The mini blanket is available for purchase today! And if you act now, you can take advantage of our special introductory price of $179.95! That means you get a FREE month to use the blanket, and then it’s just a one-time payment of $179.95! Still not sure it’s right for you? Why not try it FREE for 30 days and then split the purchase price into payments of $39.95 or $19.95?

Order your Gladiator Blanket in any size today and experience your own recovery, at the speed of light!


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