Gladiator Therapeutics: Stories Of Success

Gladiator Therapeutics was born when unrelated experience with far infrared technology and its positive impact on fuel efficiency in the industrial world among big rigs, trains, and machinery proved to provide more power with less fuel and less pollution. If far infrared technology could maximize the performance of industrial engines, why couldn’t it be adapted to maximize the performance of the human body?

Gladiator Therapeutics Blanket

The Gladiator Device. (Keith R. Stevenson/ENX2 Marketing)

THE HISTORY of Gladiator Therapeutics

One thing led to another, and after extensive research, testing, modifications, a sock and some ceramics evolved into the revolutionary Gladiator Therapeutics device that you see today. The device utilizes our own patented technology and that has transformed skeptics and sufferers into success stories. It hasn’t been simple or easy, but success never is, and the words of our happy customers make it all worth it.


Customers love using the device to help speed up recovery time, even when the injury is from a freak household accident:

“After I bumped into a huge mirror in our garage, it fell on my foot. My foot immediately swelled up and turned black and blue. That night, I wrapped the device around it and slept with it on the entire night. When I got up, there was no swelling and the color was back to normal.”

  1. McGeehan

Macungie, PA



Whether you are suffering from pain from manual labor around the house or at work, or pain from an exercise workout, the Gladiator Therapeutics device can help. In this household, it worked so well, they purchased a second one! 

“I use a Gladiator device, usually at the top of my back, when I go to bed. I find I need to do this after doing workout sessions or physical work like digging. It helps prevent the stiffness and soreness of muscles in my shoulder. It has also worked on occasional lower back or leg muscle stiffness/soreness. My wife and I would sometimes argue about whose turn it was to use the device, but now we each have one. Problem solved!”

David York

Lincolnshire, England


And yes, we can ship internationally, so contact us for more details!

Gladiator Therapeutics Blanket




When everyone from school kids to grandmothers using computers, tablets, and mobile phones, carpal tunnel syndrome is in the spotlight, with as many as 900,000 cases each year in the United States. 

“I have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome for the past several years. I had trouble riding a bike, typing, and even blow drying my hair. Concerned, I found some exercises online. They did alleviate some of the pain, but did not eliminate it. Then I heard about the Gladiator Therapeutics Device. I purchased a device and started wearing it at night while I slept. Within several weeks of using it, I noticed a significant decrease in my pain level. I can now enjoy riding my bike and have resumed other activities as well.”

  1. Baustien

Stroudsburg, PA




Here’s another case where both a wife and husband benefitted from the device, first for back pain, and then for a pulled hamstring:

“My wife has a severe herniated disc at c6/7 ( she went through the windshield of a car 30 years ago). I have maintained her with chiropractic care, and now that she sleeps with the device, I only treat her half as much as I used to. Last week, I pulled a hamstring water skiing. I slept with the device every night, and within three days, I was walking without a limp. I highly recommend the device for anyone with acute or chronic pain.”

Dr. Gregory Bark

Massapequa, NY

NOTE: Content included here is not medical advice, and only is intended as information for adults. Always consult with your health care professional before making changes to diet, exercise, medication, or before use of any product or device.