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Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Blanket
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  • 12 inches x 18 inches
  • Use anywhere on the body to reduce, eliminate, or prevent pain and discomfort.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone rubber with 20 patented, embedded ceramics made of rare earth minerals.
  • FREE Gladiator Therapeutics T-Shirt and Draw String Bag included with every blanket!
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

The Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Blanket is a hypoallergenic silicone rubber blanket with patented, embedded ceramics that can be used anywhere on the body to reduce, eliminate, or prevent pain and discomfort.

Once the blanket is placed on a target area, the ceramics absorb the ambient heat of the body and convert that heat into far infrared energy in the form of photons. The curved shape and perforations of the ceramics give them more surface area with which to emit photons.

The silicone rubber of the blanket also absorbs ambient heat from the body, as well as far infrared energy from the ceramics. As the blanket becomes saturated with photons, it too begins to emit them.

The photons from the ceramics and the silicone rubber are then directed back into the body where they cause water clusters in blood plasma to vibrate. The vibration breaks up the clusters, making blood circulation more efficient. With more efficient circulation comes reduced pain, stiffness, and inflammation, increased energy, and enhanced immunity.

The flexibility of the blanket allows for a range of uses. Wrap your quads with it after a hard run to reduce muscle soreness, drape it over your wrist to alleviate the nerve pain of carpal tunnel, or lay it across your abdomen to reduce the frequency and severity of flare-ups from conditions like Crohn’s disease.

You can lay the blanket on bare skin, or over a single layer of clothing. Since the blanket does not emit heat, there is no risk of overexposure to far infrared. Start with a daily 30-minute session, then add either time or sessions depending on how you feel.

The Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Blanket does not require a power source. Use it at your desk, in your car, or while you sleep. Make it part of your travel bag for race day, and use it after you cross the finish line.


8 reviews for Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Blanket

  1. S. Hummer

    After being diagnosed with Crohn’s, my life was altered drastically. Every day is a constant reminder because I have to always plan for the possibility of a painful or embarrassing situation. In my particular case, a blockage in my intestines would occur approximately every 3 months at which time I would have to be admitted to the hospital. In between hospital stays, I would sometimes have to go to the ER as the pain became intolerable. This became my life. During one of my hospital stays, my brother asked me to try the Gladiator Therapeutics blanket. I began using it immediately. That was six months ago, and I have not been back to the hospital since. When I feel pain coming on that normally would have sent me to the ER, I use the blanket and usually within about 30 minutes, the pain is gone. I could not be more thankful for something that has allowed me to have my life back.

  2. Dr. Gregory Bark

    My wife has a severe herniated disc at c6/7 ( she went through the windshield of a car 30 years ago). I have maintained her with chiropractic care, and now that she sleeps with the blanket, I only treat her half as much as I used to. Last week, I pulled a hamstring water skiing. I slept with the blanket every night, and within three days, I was walking without a limp. I highly recommend the blanket for anyone with acute or chronic pain.

  3. T. Baustien

    I have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome for the past several years. I had trouble riding a bike, typing, and even blow drying my hair. Concerned, I found some exercises online. They did alleviate some of the pain, but did not eliminate it. Then I heard about the Gladiator Therapeutics Blanket. I purchased a blanket and started wearing it at night while I slept. Within several weeks of using it, I noticed a significant decrease in my pain level. I can now enjoy riding my bike and have resumed other activities as well.

  4. A. Barth

    I am a licensed massage therapist. After years of working, I developed arthritis in both hands. The right hand was diagnosed with severe arthritis that affected the use of my fingers and thumb. My doctor recommended surgery that would require 8-12 weeks of recovery. I started using the Gladiator Therapeutic wrap and immediately noticed the pain subsiding. After several days I was able to continue working and have avoided surgery. Gladiator Therapeutics gave me the ability to continue a career that I enjoy.

  5. J. McGeehan

    After I bumped into a huge mirror in our garage, it fell on my foot. My foot immediately swelled up and turned black and blue. That night, I wrapped the blanket around it and slept with it on the entire night. When I got up, there was no swelling and the color was back to normal.

  6. Ed Kline

    I was experiencing a fever that reached 102 degrees along with extreme pain in my hip. My doctor admitted me to the hospital so that we could find out what was causing my fever and hip pain. Eight days later, I was released with no relief from the pain other than heavy pain medication (Oxycontin). They could not give me a good answer as to what was causing my fever other than inflammation in my hip area. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest level of pain, I was experiencing a 12. Upon trying the blanket, I noticed a reduction in my pain level without the use of Oxycontin, and my fever was under control. Within 3-5 days the pain level was down to 5 and after approximately 2 weeks the pain was gone. It was such a relief to not only get rid of the pain but to also not become dependent on a narcotic drug.

  7. Ryan H.

    This product is amazing! Within 10 minutes of using the blanket, I started to feel better. I highly recommend.

  8. Ginny K.

    I was an RN for 64 years and always on my feet. I had five children, so I began having hemorrhoid problems (itching, pain, and discomfort). My daughter-in-law gave me the blanket to use. I was amazed after sitting on it for 20 minutes gave me relief. I continue to use it for prophylactic care.

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One of the top questions we receive is where do you place the blanket? And the answer is, it depends on what you are using the blanket for.

For example, if you have Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or irritable bowel syndrome, the best placement would be on your abdomen. If you’re using it for arthritis or carpal tunnel, you can place it on the affected areas. If you are using it for insomnia, the best placement would be your abdomen. You can use the blanket both over the clothing or right on the skin.

When placing the blanket on your body, remember to always have the knobby side facing away from the skin.


It’s important to note these are suggested times – you can lengthen or increase the amount of use as you see fit!

  • CROHN’S / IBS – Place on lower abdominal area for extended period of time. Can wear while sleeping. If you are having a flare-up, you can use the blanket immediately to help decrease the severity. Place over thin layer of clothing such as T-shirt for optimal comfort.
  • ARTHRITIS / CARPAL TUNNEL – Use as necessary to relieve pain. Place on or near affected area. Remove immediately if you experience any feeling of discomfort.
  • CHRONIC BACK PAIN – Use as necessary to relieve pain. Place on or near affected area. Remove immediately if you experience any feeling of discomfort. The blanket can be placed anywhere on the back for extended period of time. Can be worn during normal sleep time.
  • WOUND HEALING – Place the blanket on the wound over a bandage at least 1 hour twice per day.
  • ATHLETIC RECOVERY – Wear 30 minutes or longer on sore muscles as needed following exercise. Can be worn any time to alleviate muscle soreness.
  • INSOMNIA – The blanket can be used all night without adverse side effects to improve the quality of your sleep.

Blanket Care

  • To maintain the blanket, wash in warm water and use mild dish detergent only.
  • The blanket can be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.


  • Do NOT heat the blanket in a microwave or in hot water.
  • Keep the blanket away from open flame.
  • Never place the blanket in your mouth.