The Age Of Technology

The 21st century is known as the Information Age, or sometimes the Computer Age, Digital Age, or New Media Age. From small towns to huge metro cities, we are fortunate to be surrounded by technology that is almost incomprehensible, and seems to be changing at the speed of light. 

Our mobile smartphones, which seem to do everything for us except physically dress us in the morning, are now known simply as phones. We have come to expect to have a computer at our fingertips, a device that we can work and play on, a device that we can’t seem to live without, a device that has more information in it than we will ever be able to consume in a lifetime.

Technology in entertainment is impressive, and even baffling at times. The Lion King movie is being credited with being one of the most innovative with the use of CGI animation, gaming technology, virtual reality, and live-action filmmaking techniques. The Revelist reports, “Director Jon Favreau recently revealed that one shot out of the 1,490 in the film was actually a live-action shot captured while the production team was in Africa studying animals.” 

The beloved musical Cats will hit the big screen this December and boasts a cast packed with the biggest names in the music and film industries, but also a revolutionary use of “digital fur technology” to create the most believable virtual transformation of each actor into the appropriate feline character.

Our modern-day cars can help prevent us from falling asleep, guide us to our destinations, help us parallel park, and are even on the way to driving themselves!

The medical field uses robotic technology that utilizes virtual reality and has completely redefined surgery and healing for everything from knee replacements to spine surgery. Physicians are able to perform techniques that were impossible before such innovation, and patients are experiencing fewer complications, less pain, and faster recovery as a result.

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology is not new, but is also being used today in ways never before imagined or conceived. The United States Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health reports that FIR emissions can increase circulation. Gladiator Therapeutics has relentlessly worked to leverage and improve the benefits of FIR technology, and we are proud of the positive results people suffering from various conditions are sharing with us after using our devices. If you experience carpal tunnel, arthritis, chronic back pain, insomnia, IBD, IBS, or ulcerative colitis, you may want to check out our technology on your own, and we certainly welcome your feedback. Contact us today and find the first step to relief! 844-IT-WORKS