The Fear of Far Infrared Radiation

Far infrared is actually one of the safest forms of energy on the planet. Here at Gladiator Therapeutics, we learned from years of patent creation and safety testing procedures that the ceramics within our Gladiator Device are, in fact, safe and effective.


You see, far infrared is one of three types of infrared radiation. While the word radiation can sound scary, it truly isn’t.

Based on our previous blog on the Electromagnetic Spectrum, we discussed that there are three types of infrared — far infrared, mid-infrared, and near infrared. The difference between them is the key to why we use far infrared in our products over the others!

“The term infrared radiation refers to all three types of infrared radiation, while far infrared radiation is a subset form of infrared radiation, which is most commonly used for biological effects. Thanks to the advancements in science and technology, it is possible to utilize this radiation as a form of treatment with certain medical conditions and ailments. The radiation is used to stimulate cells and tissues because it is safe and effective to use on human (and animal) cells and tissues. Unlike higher forms of radiation, far infrared photons don’t permanently alter or damage the cells. That is why the therapeutic uses of FIR radiation are becoming more promising in the medical community.”The Electromagnetic Spectrum Blog

Now while the word “radiation” still strikes fear into the minds of many people. However, not all radiation is the same as radiative material. In fact, far infrared radiation can be extremely helpful and beneficial to the body. FIR has the ability to heal the body without causing any damage to the cells and tissues it interacts with.

Let’s take a moment to break the fear barrier here about radiation.

Many people still fear radiation because they don’t understand it. However, it is a known fact that it has been used to successfully treat patients for over 100 years, therefore proving Radiation Therapy is safe. However, these procedures are often specific to each individual’s case and needs and are more controlled through a doctor or a trained medication physician. Over the years, many advances have been made to ensure that radiation therapy is safe and effective. With each advance, new quality checks have been developed to ensure safe treatment.

Caution Radiation Sign

But what can we do to change the perspective of the fear?

You see, those signs are designed to warn you that the kind of radiation and active materials are dangerous. And they’re not wrong! But the radiation emitted by our device is therapeutic and not harmful. While yes, the far infrared radiation does interact with your cells, it does NOT damage the cells, nor does it even heat up at all beyond your own body temperature. It uses waves and frequency to penetrate the body, just as other forms of radiation do, but in a SAFE and healthy form.

We understand all too well that many radioactive materials can cause major damage to the body, even with small-term exposure to those chemicals. However, within the infrared radiation spectrum, far infrared has been shown to not do any damage to the cells and tissue; it just works to help the body. And with the Gladiator Device, while yes we use far infrared technology, we also use it in a healthy and productive way to truly benefit the body.

Colorful Radiation Designs

Changing the Stigma of Fear

The reality is that some levels of radiation are all around us. Our bodies even make and give off radiation! So while yes, many kinds of radiation can be harmful, there is scientific evidence that Far Infrared interacts safely with the cells, and has no negative side effects. This is because it uses light energy and not heat energy so our device will never overheat. It doesn’t need electricity or any other power source besides you! No cables or wires or batteries, just your natural body heat. And the far infrared technology in the patented ceramics works with your body to create healthy blood flow by improving your circulation. That gives your body the chance to reduce the inflammation that can cause you acute or chronic body pain!

We truly hope to help change the way that people fear radiation. While yes, radiation can be potent, toxic, and dangerous in many cases, but with our far infrared technology, it’s safe, effective, and beneficial to the body. We hope that the word radiation doesn’t strike fear but inspires hope and promise. We know in our hearts and our minds that this can help improve the quality of life in anyone, and we hope you will give it a try to see for yourself that we created a product that is safe and really works.

The research behind the results

The team at Gladiator Therapeutics, along with the help, knowledge, and support of CEO Bill Grovatt and Dr. Albert Wey, we have created the ideal form of relief. Our Gladiator Device uses patented ceramics that turn your own body heat into light energy, which will not damage the cells. Instead, it works to break down the water molecules within your blood into small water clusters, which allows for increased circulation and better blood flow. And the best part is that there are no known side effects! The body simply takes in the far infrared it needs and safely disposes of the remaining amount.

This product was created to help anyone in pain to find relief.

To live your best life, pain can often hold you back. Whether it’s acute pain that lasts a few hours or days, to chronic pain that feels like it’ll never go away, we can help. Our device was made to help. We want to see you live your best, pain-free life.


Relief is possible with Gladiator Therapeutics

We understand it’s new and scary. We have devoted our lives to this research. And, we all use the products ourselves so we can promise you the results are real. Radiation can be dangerous if used on a larger scale and for other reasons. Our far infrared Gladiator Device has no known side effects! But it does have many positive results for those who use it. If you have any additional questions, just ask us! You can reply through our comment section or fill out our contact form. Or, call us at 844-IT-WORKS to speak to a member of our Gladiator Therapeutics Team directly!

“And as always, we thank you for purchasing our product. Our hope is that it brings you the relief you’ve been searching for.”

– Bill Grovatt, CEO and Co-Founder of Gladiator Therapeutics