The Inception of Gladiator Therapeutics

Meet the minds behind the Device!

Gladiator Therapeutics began when Co-Founder and CEO, Bill Grovatt, had discussed the healing potential of far infrared technology with Inventor and Scientist, Dr. Albert Wey. These two men had discussed how far infrared technology could help to improve upon the health and wellbeing of those who were suffering from the pain associated with inflammation. Whether it was acute or chronic pain, or faster recovery time, the potential for healing was undeniable.

The Inventor and Scientist behind the patented ceramics

Dr. Albert Wey has spent his life devoted to using science as a way to help people. Dr. Wey created and owns the patents for the ceramics that are used in every Gladiator Device. These patents are the science behind the Gladiator Device. These patented ceramics are the reason behind the device’s therapeutic use of far infrared radiation.

The Co-Founder and CEO of Gladiator Therapeutics

Bill Grovatt has been utilizing far infrared technology to improve the world around him for almost ten years. But when his wife became ill, the need for a medical device became a top priority.

Gladiator Therapeutics the Inception

The Inception of Gladiator Therapeutics

Dr. Wey: “My name is Albert Way. I have a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, now called Stony Brook University. My concentration is electrical engineering and applied optics, and also in quantum mechanics. that brings me into this field. We happen to be able to come up with ceramics that can radiate far infrared radiation and it can be applied to the medical field. That’s how I met my old pal Bill.”

Bill Grovatt: “I met Dr. Wey several years ago in another application and became very interested in the potential for the Gladiator Therapeutics product line utilizing Dr. Wey’s infrared ceramics. It became known to us through my situation with my wife’s illness. She had necrotizing fasciitis- the flesh-eating disease and Dr. Wey had intimated to us that there was potential for his infrared ceramics to be beneficial for her wound healing and pain relief. So we improvised and utilized his ceramics during that process and her healing and were incredibly successful. We shelved the application for quite some time, but through friends and family, there was an outpouring of folks that wanted to utilize the technology that my wife had utilized during her recovery because she had indicated that it was incredibly efficient in increasing her wound healing and also decreasing her pain tolerance or pain threshold. So it was very effective in lowering her pain and reducing the amount of meds she needed to take and making her comfortable as she recovered. So over the years, there were numerous people who asked for us to make a prototype for them -which we did probably for 6 or 7 years and it became such a large outpouring that we decided to commercialize the product, and Gladiator was born from that idea.” 

Gladiator Therapeutics was created because it was needed.

If you read our previous blog, How the Gladiator Device is helping people to live their best life and how it can help you!, you are already familiar with the story of how Bill’s wife inspired the creation of the Gladiator Device. But, if you haven’t read it, here’s an excerpt:

It was no secret to the CEO of Gladiator Therapeutics, Bill Grovatt, and the rest of the team that infrared radiation showed promising results in leading us toward healthier lives. It wasn’t until Bill’s wife, Kathy, had contracted necrotizing fasciitis, or the “flesh-eating disease”, that there was a need for the Gladiator Device. Necrotizing fasciitis is a fast-spreading infection of the tissues, surrounding muscles, nerves, fat, and blood vessels. If not treated in time, the disease can spread and require multiple surgeries to replace dead tissues. In some cases, necrotizing fasciitis can result in loss of limbs or even death.

After a month of treatment for the infection, Kathy was still living with excruciating pain from skin grafts that ran the length of her right arm. Her pain was the inspiration behind filling the need for relief. Dr. Albert Wey, who developed the patents behind the ceramics in the device, knew that far infrared could ease pain and promote healing. And that’s how the prototype of the Gladiator Device was created! It was just a few ceramics wrapped within a sock, but Kathy’s results were remarkable! Kathy not only had relief from her pain but was also sleeping better! In fact, the far infrared radiation was so therapeutic that it had even saved two of her fingers which were turning black from lack of circulation caused by the infection. Today, she has full function of her fingers!

Gladiator Therapeutics is here to help.

If you or someone you care about is in pain, the Gladiator Device can help! The far infrared technology within the ceramics are designed to convert your body’s ambient heat into photons. These photons can help to increase overall circulation and reduce inflammation. Therefore, it can help whether you are managing the flare-ups associated with inflammatory bowel disease, suffering from a chronic pain condition like arthritis or back pain, or even if you just want to improve your recovery time after an intense workout.

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