The Science Behind the Gladiator Device

Gladiator Therapeutics has another video to share! In this clip, Bill Grovatt and Dr. Albert Wey dive into the science behind the Gladiator Device. If you haven’t read our original blog post about the first video, no worries! You can click here to read about the inception of the Gladiator Therapeutics brand and the inspiration behind the Gladiator Device.

The Inception of Gladiator Therapeutics

In the first Gladiator Therapeutics video, we met the minds behind the device. Our first video “The Inception” featured Co-Founder and CEO of Gladiator Therapeutics, Bill Grovatt, and the Inventor of the ceramics, Dr. Albert Wey. Additionally, we learned about how Gladiator Therapeutics came to be and why the Gladiator Device was developed.

The Science

The Science Behind the Gladiator Device

Dr. Albert Wey: Actually, far infrared radiation is not new in the field. A lot of traditional – like Japanese or oriental countries – they are using ceramic for different applications. However, when I look into the research, basically, they are based on the wrong theories. When I say wrong- because they always use the black hole theory. Once their guiding theory is wrong, they won’t be able to develop the right ceramic for the application. The black-body radiation theory, through the calculation, your body may need like 9-12 micron wavelengths, however as I mentioned the water molecules absorb at after the wrong part. So that’s the reason why when I look into the research, I find that even so the existing so-called far infrared radiation- they may do some of the intended purpose, but they are not really effective. So, I do some research and find out in all the medical application, we emphasize on the 3-7 micron also we like it to cover the 3-16 microns so that’s the reason I‘m doing a lot of research in finding the right composition in order to make the ceramic void. So, my research results actually helped me to get several patents and most of the patents are concentrated on how to make a more efficient ceramic in that we require like an 80- some transition metal oxide. And in chemistry in transitional metal oxide- they have a silicon property so that it can easily just absorb the ambient heat and to pull more of the electrons into the next orbit and then once it reconstitutes to its initial state, it can radiate infrared radiation and the infrared wavelengths eventually can be paired by changing different metal compositions. That’s what my patent is.

Bill Grovatt: I also think you should talk about the architecture of the ceramic because the architecture is what makes it super dynamic. In terms of the bulk of the radiation going directionally, which is important, even more important for the medicinal side of the business, because it’s giving you the bulk of the radiation going into the body and the depth of penetration- is because of the way you designed the architecture.

Dr. Albert Wey: Yeah, so aside from the composition of the ceramics, what’s very important is how you deliver the radiation into your targeted subject. For example, if you want to deliver (far infrared), you have many, many ways of doing it. But through the calculation and theory, you have a so-called radiation surface to the bulk of ratios- you need more radiation surface in order to radiate the right amount of far infrared but also you need the bulk of ceramic to generate the far infrared. So that’s the reason I came to a design- so that we can optimize the radiation surface to the bulk ratio so that we will have enough direct composition to make the ceramics and also the right body to absorb the ambient heat into converting to radiation also we have enough radiation surface to deliver that radiation into your targeted object.

Bill Grovatt: And that goes to the architecture as well but one of the important points he brought up was how efficient his ceramics are at absorbing ambient heat. And that’s what makes the Gladiator Device so efficient. It’s the fact we don’t need the power of the device in order to have it efficiently emit. We can place it on the patient and pull the heat from the patient’s body and convert that heat to light instantaneously while the device is laying on the patient and it seamlessly delivers far infrared and is assisting in their circulation without any intervention or any power source whatsoever. And I think that’s one of the geniuses behind the way the ceramics were designed.

Dr. Albert Wey: Yeah one question people always ask is do I need to heat the ceramic, do I need to provide some kind of energy? Actually, when I went through all the research and came up with the ceramics, I already kind of brought quantum mechanics physics into the theory application and simplified. And what I mean is by adding the transition metal oxides, their property- it can just absorb the ambient heat to promote the electrons within the molecule so that you don’t need to exert energy in order to generate the radiation. So, this added to the convenience of daily application.

So, what did we learn?

• Far infrared radiation is not a new discovery, but its use in the medical field is evolving.
• Dr. Wey created his patented ceramics to better absorb ambient heat from the body and redistribute them more effectively back into the targeted area.
• The patented ceramics are made up of a unique blend of rare earth metals that absorb ambient heat and convert it into far infrared radiation.
• The ceramics used in the Gladiator Device are designed to emit the most far infrared radiation back into the body.
• The shape of the ceramics is responsible for focusing the bulk of the radiation, which helps the depth at which the radiation can penetrate below the skin’s surface.
• Each ceramic optimizes the radiation surface to ensure the right amount of radiation is redistributed back into the targeted area.
• Thanks to the ceramics, the only power source needed is body heat.
• The Gladiator Device converts ambient body heat into light energy, which is what interacts with the body and improves circulation.
• The patented ceramics make it possible to use the Gladiator Device for daily use without needing an outside power source or giving off any excess heat or energy.

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