Utilizing Far Infrared Technology To Overcome These Common Sports Injuries

With a New Year around the corner, many of us will be adding exercise and getting fit to our list of resolutions. But with the change in physical activity, we may be experiencing muscle soreness and, unfortunately, injuries. 

The seven most common sports injuries are:

  1. Ankle sprain
  2. Groin pull
  3. Hamstring strain
  4. Shin splints
  5. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear
  6. Patellofemoral syndrome (the result of repetitive movement of the kneecap against the thigh bone)
  7. Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)

How can we support our #NewYearNewMe goals while also being kind to our bodies? And how can far infrared technology help?


If you’ve been out of the game for a while (or, let’s be honest, maybe forever), you don’t want to jump right into a rigorous exercise plan. Start slowly by warming up your body. Practice stretching to ensure safe workouts.  

Dress according to the activity

If you don’t own a pair of running shoes or at the very least, decent sneakers, participating in a marathon is probably not something you want to do. Wearing the appropriate clothing and using the correct gear not only makes you feel ready for the activity, but it protects your body from silly injuries that could have been avoided. 

Use conditioning exercises

Like warming up, if you haven’t done a particular exercise or play a specific sport in quite some time, you won’t want to jump back into the activity as if no time had passed. 

For example, if you played baseball in the past–steller hit you have, might we add– you may be eager to get back to the batting cages, but hitting for hours is sure to leave you with soreness and potential injuries. 

Allow For Recovery

Let’s say New Year’s resolutions have gone perfectly–so far. It’s summer, you’re looking great and feeling greater. But then, it happens. You sprain your ankle and have a nasty case of tennis elbow. Sure, in a week it may feel a bit better. So you think you can go back to your routine.

Just as it’s critical to exercise your body, you must give your body time to heal. 

Need help in the recovery process? We have just the thing to get you back to your new #fittnessgoals!

Let Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Technology help you recover from soreness and injury.

We know that increasing circulation helps with a variety of health issues like chronic muscle, joint, or nerve pain, insomnia, and inflammatory diseases. But did you know that using the Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Device for 30 minutes over the injured or sore muscles immediately following exercise can boost circulation and minimize painful inflammation. 

Are you ready to get the fitness results you crave while helping your body recover?

The Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Device can help promote circulation while boosting your ability to remain active.

NOTE: Content included here is not medical advice, and only is intended as information for adults. Always consult with your health care professional before making changes to diet, exercise, medication, or before use of any product or device.