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Still on the fence about buying a Gladiator Far Infrared Blanket? Have more questions than answers about our products? We understand your concerns, and we’re here to help! Here are a few frequently asked questions we receive about our products, the benefits of far infrared, and how these blankets can help you heal.

What is Far Infrared Anyway?

Far infrared is a form of electromagnetic energy that can be found everywhere in nature. It is invisible to the naked eye and is not dangerous. Studies have shown that far infrared therapy produces a non-thermal effect that leads to improving circulation. For more information, read our blog.

Where Should I Place the Blanket?

It all depends on the location of your pain. For example, if you have Crohn’s or irritable bowel syndrome, the best placement would be on your abdomen. But if you are experiencing arthritis in your knee, you will want to put the blanket over the area. It’s important to note that although the blanket is safe to use on your skin, we recommend placing it on a towel or t-shirt in between.

The Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Blanket has significantly improved my quality of life. Six and a half years ago I was diagnosed with a hereditary neurological condition that has numerous symptoms affecting motor skills and general well-being. Over the years I have conducted extensive research and tried many supplements for chronic fatigue which is one of the most debilitating symptoms affecting me almost every day. Once I started the Gladiator blanket I noticed an improvement in a matter of several days. I have now been using the Gladiator Therapeutics blanket every day for four months. The best part is that it is so easy to use. I basically wear it while watching TV in the evening and I have had no negative side effects.

Isabelle W.

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How Often Should I Use the Blanket?

We recommend using the blanket for approximately 30 minutes every day to get the full effects of the therapy. It is safe to use all night to improve the quality of your sleep.

Do I need a power source to use the blanket?

Nope! Your body heat is the power source. That makes the blanket safe to travel with you wherever you go.

What are the risks involved in using your products?

That’s the best part about our blanket – there are no known side effects. It is nonintrusive. And since the blanket generates no heat, there’s no risk of damaging muscle tissue.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us or call 844-IT-WORKS.