Abdomen/Back Device


Check out our clients' testimonials before choosing one of our innovative devices.


“After I bumped into a huge mirror in our garage, it fell on my foot. My foot immediately swelled up and turned black and blue. That night, I wrapped the device around it and slept with it on the entire night. When I got up, there was no swelling and the color was back to normal.”

- McGeehan M.


“I have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome for the past several years. I had trouble riding a bike, typing, and even blow drying my hair. Concerned, I found some exercises online. They did alleviate some of the pain, but did not eliminate it. Then I heard about the Gladiator Therapeutics Device. I purchased a device and started wearing it at night while I slept. Within several weeks of using it, I noticed a significant decrease in my pain level. I can now enjoy riding my bike and have resumed other activities as well.”

- Baustien, Stroudsburg, PA


“I use a Gladiator device, usually at the top of my back, when I go to bed. I find I need to do this after doing workout sessions or physical work like digging. It helps prevent the stiffness and soreness of muscles in my shoulder. It has also worked on occasional lower back or leg muscle stiffness/soreness. My wife and I would sometimes argue about whose turn it was to use the device, but now we each have one. Problem solved!”

- David Y., Lincolnshire, England


“I was experiencing a fever that reached 102 degrees along with extreme pain in my hip. My doctor admitted me to the hospital so that we could find out what was causing my fever and hip pain. Eight days later, I was released with no relief from the pain other than heavy pain medication (Oxycontin). They could not give me a good answer as to what was causing my fever other than inflammation in my hip area. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest level of pain, I was experiencing a 12. Upon trying the device, I noticed a reduction in my pain level without the use of Oxycontin, and my fever was under control. Within 3-5 days, the pain level was down to 5 and after approximately 2 weeks, the pain was gone. It was such a relief to not only get rid of the pain but to also not become dependent on a narcotic drug.”

- Ed Kline, New Columbia, PA


“My wife has a severe herniated disc at c6/7 (she went through the windshield of a car 30 years ago). I have maintained her with chiropractic care, and now that she sleeps with the device, I only treat her half as much as I used to. Last week, I pulled a hamstring water skiing. I slept with the device every night, and within three days, I was walking without a limp. I highly recommend the device for anyone with acute or chronic pain.”

- Dr. Gregory B., Massapequa, NY


“I am a licensed massage therapist. After years of working, I developed arthritis in both hands. The right hand was diagnosed with severe arthritis that affected the use of my fingers and thumb. My doctor recommended surgery that would require 8-12 weeks of recovery. I started using the Gladiator Therapeutics device and immediately noticed the pain subsiding. After several days, I was able to continue working and have avoided surgery. Gladiator Therapeutics gave me the ability to continue a career that I enjoy.”

- A. Barth, Philadelphia, PA