Inflammatory Bowel Disease

If you are suffering from the painful symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, the Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Blanket can help.

Returning Quality to Your Life

Inflammatory bowel disease, also known as IBD, is a group of disorders that involve chronic inflammation of your digestive tract. The two main types of IBD are ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Abdominal pain
  • Cramping
  • Blood in your stool
  • Reduced appetite
  • Unintended weight loss

Anyone who suffers from inflammatory bowel disease knows how unpredictable the symptoms can be. One day, you can be feeling like your old self. The next day you may be in incredible pain and on your way to the hospital.

The cause of IBD is still unknown. Although it’s not fatal, it can cause life-threatening complications, such as cancer, a perforated colon, liver damage, and bile duct scarring.

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Treatment Options for IBD

Inflammatory bowel disease treatments are available but do not cure the disease — instead, they reduce the inflammation that may cause many of the symptoms. A treatment plan usually includes anti-inflammatory drugs, immune system suppressors, antibiotics, and even surgery. But these treatments can cause more complications to your health. Don’t you wish there was a non-invasive, safe, and non-pharmacological way to ease your symptoms and improve the quality of your life?

During the development of the Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Blanket, we learned that far infrared radiation (FIR) therapy could be beneficial to those suffering from IBD. The feedback we received convinced us that the blanket can improve the quality of life in IBD sufferers without the worrying side effects that come with medication and surgery.

What IBD patients say about the blanket

During the development of the Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Blanket, we gave it to many inflammatory bowel disease patients with Crohn’s and colitis. And it was their feedback that convinced us that the blanket had life-changing potential. They told us they were using the blanket as a prophylactic measure and having fewer flare-ups. When they used it during flare-ups, the blanket reduced the duration of their symptoms. In short, the Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Blanket was helping restore their quality of life.

“After being diagnosed with Crohn’s, my life was altered drastically. Every day is a constant reminder because I have to always plan for the possibility of a painful or embarrassing situation. In my particular case, a blockage in my intestines would occur approximately every 3 months at which time I would have to be admitted to the hospital. In between hospital stays, I would sometimes have to go to the ER as the pain became intolerable. This became my life. During one of my hospital stays, my brother asked me to try the Gladiator Therapeutics blanket. I began using it immediately. That was six months ago, and I have not been back to the hospital since. When I feel pain coming on that normally would have sent me to the ER, I use the blanket and usually within about 30 minutes, the pain is gone. I could not be more thankful for something that has allowed me to have my life back.”

— S. Hummer, Avis, PA

“After numerous colitis attacks, it became inevitable I would need surgery to remove areas of my small intestine which had become diseased according to all my scans. Prior to meeting with the surgeons, my daughter purchased a gladiator blanket for me in hopes it would eliminate any more episodes before I was able to have surgery. I wore the blanket for 6 weeks. In that six weeks, I initially found that I slept better than I had in years. I was not having any reoccurences of the “attacks” I had been experiencing, and day after day I noticed more comfort. I went for pre surgery testing, and the results were amazing. It was now showing no sign of disease, and was deemed a normal scan. The results were surreal, but I truly felt better after wearing the blanket those 6 weeks. This has completely changed my quality of life and has helped me tremendously. If I begin to feel any symptoms, I wear the blanket and I’m able to avoid the pain I experienced in the past. I am so grateful to feel myself again.”

— Lisa L.