Month: January 2019

Circulation: Better Blood Flow

The Gladiator Far Infrared Device uses far infrared technology to increase circulation, but oftentimes we overlook our circulation when we think about our overall health and well-being. How can improving circulation attribute to healing? How can better blood flow help? Your blood is the key to your well-being. Blood is a bodily fluid that delivers the […]

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Far Infrared: An Opioid Alternative

When you experience pain, your first thought is usually “how can I make this stop?” In many cases, pain is a result of something else that needs to be addressed within the body. Pain is a common aspect of our lives. Whether you have a chronic condition, or you have sustained an injury, the body […]

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Radiation is something most people have heard a few times in their lifetime, and it’s usually accompanied by the dangers it can cause. Many parents will lather your visible skin with sunblock if you’re going to be outside in the sun for a long period of time to protect you from the sun’s rays, which […]

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