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9 Common Issues With Post-Operative Care

By Gladiator Therapeutics

October 1, 2023

Operations may be used to help save your life or improve your well-being, but they do come with a cost to your body. You’re not going to wake up from most surgeries feeling instantly better, even if they are a success. Operations take a toll on your body, and some of the tools used to leave your body in such a state that it’ll take a long time to recover. After surgery, you’ll go through several stages of post-operative care, which can include a long period of resting and healing at home.

This period must be taken seriously and treated with the utmost importance. It should involve a comprehensive approach that ensures that you don’t irritate surgical wounds, surgery sites, setting bones, and/or anything else that needs to heal.

Gladiator Therapeutics’ healing technology can help to improve and quicken your recovery period so that you can get healthy faster and better than before. For more information, contact us today.

The Importance of Post-Operative Care

Post-operative care is so important due to the myriad risks associated with disregarding it. Neglecting proper post-operative care can lead to severe complications, such as infection, blood clots, delayed wound healing, and worse. You could even suffer life-threatening conditions like sepsis.

Sometimes, this will even result in extended hospitalization, increased healthcare costs, and a continued hindrance on your ability to return to normal. Therefore, taking post-operative care seriously is crucial not only for the patient’s swift and safe recovery but also for their long-term health and quality of life.

That being said, when you or a family member have to care for yourself at home, you begin to realize that even when you’re doing something right, you may physically feel like you’re doing something wrong. If you are consistent and alert to your medical care, this doesn’t mean you won’t experience some common issues that post-operative care doesn’t always solve.

Common Post-Operative Care Issues

Post-operative care is crucial for recovery after any surgical procedure. However, individuals may face several common issues during this period, including:

  1. Pain: This is a common issue after surgery. Although pain can be managed with medication, it might still cause discomfort for many patients.
  2. Infection: Even if you had the most sterile surgery in history, if you don’t keep your wounds clean, they’ll get infected post-surgery. Signs of infection include redness, swelling, and discharge from the surgical site.
  3. Delayed Healing: Sometimes, healing can take longer than expected. Your body has limits, and sometimes doesn’t heal as fast or as well as it usually does. This might be due to various factors such as age, overall health, or complications during the surgery.
  4. Blood Clots: Post-surgical immobility can increase the risk of blood clots, especially in the legs.
  5. Constipation: Certain medications used during and after surgery can cause constipation, leading to discomfort and bloating.
  6. Scarring: It’s rare that operative surgery doesn’t leave some sort of scar, and oftentimes, your body won’t be able to heal as fast or well enough to stop it from being noticeable.
  7. Emotional Issues: It’s not uncommon for patients to feel anxious, depressed, or experience changes in sleep patterns after surgery.
  8. Mobility Issues: Depending on the type of surgery, patients may face temporary or permanent mobility issues.
  9. Fatigue: Many patients feel tired or lack energy following surgery, which can last for several weeks.

How Can Gladiator Therapeutics Help?

Gladiator Therapeutics’ non-invasive products can help your post-operative care by improving your body’s ability to heal. This will improve the rate at which your body repairs itself, and it helps with medium to long-term tissue regeneration. These products have been designed keeping in mind the patient’s comfort, and they can be used at home or in a clinical setting.

By improving your body’s healing ability, you may experience less severe issues or avoid some of these issues altogether.

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Remember, taking the necessary steps to ensure healthy post-operative care is essential for a swift and safe recovery. Helping your body heal effectively can reduce complications and get you back to your daily routine faster.

Gladiator Therapeutics is dedicated to supporting your recovery journey with our innovative, non-invasive devices. These are designed to improve your body’s natural healing processes, potentially reducing the severity of common post-operative issues.

Contact Gladiator Therapeutics today for more information about our products and see how we can help support your post-operative care.