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How Does Water Help the Healing Process?

By Gladiator Therapeutics

June 7, 2023

To say that water is important to the human body would be an understatement. Life on Earth can’t survive without water as a resource for our bodies to process and use, but how many people know what our bodies use water for? When we were developing the technology behind Gladiator Therapeutics products, we had to utilize and understand the part water plays in the healing process.

What Does Water Do in the Healing Process?

It’s not common knowledge that water plays an integral part in the healing process of the human body. If you don’t know what water does to help you recover from sickness, heal wounds, repair bruised muscles, and more, the experts at Gladiator Therapeutics can explain.

Transport Important Nutrients and Oxygen

Blood transports oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, particularly to your muscle tissue. However, blood is a thick liquid and sometimes cannot move the oxygen and nutrients you need through your body fast enough.

The most important thing water does is help thin your blood. This helps it move oxygen and nutrients faster and get to where they need to go, such as an injury or a wound. Blood also needs to be able to move faster so it can clot and stop bleeding, both internally and externally. If you’ve ever had surgery, your doctors and nurses will tell you to drink a lot of water so your blood can get cell-repairing nutrients where they need to be.

Flush Out Toxins

Water also helps your recovery by flushing out toxins that may impede it. The most common one is blood urea nitrogen (BUN). It’s a byproduct of your kidneys doing their job. Your BUN levels should be between 10:1 and 20:1. If it’s too low or too high, this means you’re not drinking enough water.

If it’s low, this means that you’re low on protein and nutrition, which means there isn’t much for your kidneys to do. This can lead to problems with your liver. If it’s high, this means you’re not flushing out enough toxins from your kidneys, which can lead to kidney diseases and disorders.

Either way, you need to drink water to flush out the kidneys to keep your BUN from being too high, and to get the proper nutrients to keep your BUN from being too low.

Strengthens Your Skin

Without water, your skin gets dehydrated. It softens, wrinkles, and weakens. This will leave your skin more brittle and weak so that any exterior wounds you suffer will be worse, take longer to heal, and be more vulnerable to infection.

How Gladiator Therapeutics Devices Take Advantage of Water

Our recovery devices use infrared technology to empower and improve the bodily functions already at work in the human body. The human body can heal many of the wounds and injuries we suffer, but can’t do so fast enough or well enough in some situations, thus why we have long recovery times. With our devices, we can decrease recovery times and heal injuries better than ever before.

One of the steps our devices take to heal your body includes breaking down water molecules that cluster within the blood. The smaller clusters that form instead can then penetrate cells and give them the assistance they don’t normally receive. This, in turn, helps to increase blood flow and overall circulation. This brings vital nutrients to parts of your body that could use them and eliminates excess waste.

For More on Recovery Devices, Contact Gladiator Therapeutics

Gladiator Therapeutics is a leading research and development company that looks to use infrared technology to create new healing devices. We’re always working on something new that can help fix another issue in the field of medicine. We don’t just want to treat problems and fix situations. We want you to be as close to how you were before your injury or disease.

If you’re unsure whether our devices can help you, please contact us. We’ll help you learn more and see what’s right for you.