Gladiator Therapeutics Launches the CeraRecovery® Product Line for Faster Healing of Soft Tissue Injuries and Surgical Recovery

June 1, 2021

Gladiator Therapeutics LLC launches innovative new technology with the CeraRecovery® product line. These wearable devices feature patented SemiCera® ceramic technology that stimulates the body to increase circulation and reduce inflammation. The body is then better positioned to heal at a faster rate.  The devices require no power source, allowing patients to wear them all day or night, and during daily living activities without risk of tissue damage.

The preliminary launch consists of following four products:

  • CeraRecovery® Shoulder Device
  • CeraRecovery® Knee Device
  • CeraRecovery® Wrist Device
  • CeraRecovery® Abdomen/Back Device

Initially, the devices will be available to Workers’ Compensation patients to provide additional therapy for soft tissue injuries or to accelerate healing and physical rehabilitation after surgery.

Lost work time for work injuries is very costly. Direct costs such as medical bills, and workers’ compensation insurance premiums are apparent, however indirect costs can be 3-5 times greater according to industry sources. These costs would include wage increases for employees covering for injured staff, HR support, and investigation costs to name a few.

By incorporating the CeraRecovery Devices, the goal is to reduce recovery time and associated expenses while offering a better experience for the patient in reduced pain, less medication, and more productive physical therapy.

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About Gladiator Therapeutics

Gladiator Therapeutics is an FDA registered medical device research and manufacturing company utilizing patented non-powered specific far infrared technology. Their corporate office is in Whitehall, PA. The focus that drives the company is to validate their unique technology for a variety of clinical applications to improve the quality of life for those with difficult to treat conditions, such as surgical recovery and wound healing.

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