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10 Benefits of Abdomen/Back Therapy Devices You Should Know About

By Gladiator Therapeutics

December 22, 2022

Since more and more people in the U.S. are reporting high levels of stress, health and wellness are becoming a primary concern for everyone. For those plagued by aches and physical discomfort, alternative pain relief solutions are starting to find immense favor.

An increasing number of people are now considering using shoulder, abdomen, and back pain relief products because of their multiple advantages. In fact, pain relief devices are gradually becoming the preferred option for managing various kinds of aches.

This is where the Gladiator CeraRecovery™ Abdomen/Back Device comes in. It not only allays pain but also helps users get on the path to long-term wellness.

Here are a few of its benefits:

1. Relieve Pain Naturally

One of the main advantages of using a back and abdomen therapy device is that it can relieve chronic pain in the most natural manner. This is done through infrared technology to bring about nerve stimulation to distract pain centers, thereby reducing discomfort in your back and abdomen. The impulses then help release endorphins to relieve the pain without any side effects.

2. Reduce Inflammation with Back and Abdomen Therapy Device

While inflammation can result in immense discomfort and pain in your body, our back and abdomen pain relief products can be the perfect remedy. As mentioned, our device uses stimulation to treat pain, which also helps decrease inflammation deep within the muscles. Thanks to this action, our device can be helpful in relieving pain even from issues like sciatica and pinched nerves, among others.

3. Increase Blood Flow to Tissue and Organs in the Torso for Better Systemic Wellness

Our back and abdomen therapy devices are great not only for reducing pain but also for strengthening muscles and repairing tissue throughout the torso. It offers optimal therapy when you want to improve circulation, allowing the absorption and delivery of nutrient-packed, oxygenated blood to the legs and feet. In turn, you experience progressively less pain in these areas.

4. Lower Risk of Injury Before and After Movement

When pain becomes chronic, it can become a disabling medical condition that can seriously impact your ability to work and sleep, move, and generally bring down the quality of your life. Muscle spasms, in particular, can become highly problematic, making it difficult for you to exercise.

These are involuntary muscular contractions that occur in response to pain or injury. Depending on your injury, muscle spasms can be intense enough to increase the already existing pain, especially when you move. However, our back and abdomen therapy device can help suppress these spasms, allowing you to feel better and exercise without worrying about injury and pain.

5. Non-Invasive Technique to Manage Pain

Whether you use our back pain relief products or abdomen pain relief products, they’ll serve as a non-invasive means to treat pain and provide long-lasting relief over time. The stimulation from these devices does not interfere with the functioning of any body part, nor does it cause any kind of harm.

6. Non-Addictive with No Dependencies

Pain-relief medicines that contain morphine, sedatives, and other agents may be addictive. Prolonged use can result in excessive consumption, leading to conditions like sedation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, physical dependence, and more.

However, our back pain relief products and abdomen pain relief products do not involve the use of any such agents. They are non-addictive which means they don’t cause anyone to develop dependencies. This makes them a more suitable alternative for managing all levels of pain.

7. Back and Abdomen Therapy Device Is Convenient and Easy to Use

Our back pain relief products as well as abdomen pain relief products are suitable for use in and outside the home. Simply use the device when you want to alleviate your pain, and it will work its magic, unlike other complicated, heavy, and outdated units. It is easy to carry around and use. All you’re required to do is choose the right setting, so the device can provide you with optimal relief.

8. Reduced Chances of Fatigue and Tiredness

No one is an alien to fatigue today, where hectic lives are the norm. Worse, as most people spend their days sitting in one seat all day at work, it is only natural to feel backache and tiredness. However, our back pain relief products can provide relief and comfort by stimulating your nerves and muscles, drastically reducing day-to-day fatigue.

9. No Need to Experience Unnecessary Fear

Pain can lead to fear, especially if it exacerbates with time. If you don’t address your aches and pains, the time required for rehabilitation can also elongate. In some cases, this leads the patient to develop phobias that keep them from performing certain activities and movements that they could once easily do.

However, because our pain relief devices help reduce inflammation and pain, patients find it easier to get back to their normal level of activity. They can go about living their daily lives without any unwarranted fear. They don’t feel stifled in any way or worry about enduring muscle spasms and related discomfort when performing any task. Even those with severe abdomen and back pain issues can get back to normalcy faster than others.

10. Go Beyond Symptoms

As mentioned, our back and abdomen pain relief products are non-invasive. They boost your health and long-term wellness by focusing on long-term solutions that not only help manage the symptoms but get to the root cause of the pain.

They’re more effective than painkillers as the latter only mask pain and provide temporary relief. Further, painkillers come with several side effects, which is why even physicians shy away from prescribing them most of the time.

Pain relief devices combine the best of pharmacological treatment and rehabilitative biomechanical therapies. They’re not just an alternative to surgery, but fundamental to better healing and wellness.

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