Speed Up the Wound Healing Process with FIR Therapy

By Gladiator Therapeutics

May 22, 2019

Speed Up the Wound Healing Process with FIR Therapy

In our last blog, we discussed the immense healing properties of far infrared. It can reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, and help relieve your pain. Whether it’s from arthritis, back pain, or inflammatory bowel disease, relief may be in sight thanks to the Gladiator Therapeutics Far Infrared Device.

But did you know FIR therapy can also help speed up the wound healing process?

The Mechanics of Wound Healing

Before we explain how FIR can speed the healing process, we first need to tell the four stages of wound healing: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and maturation.

Hemostasis: When an injury occurs, the body tries to maintain an equilibrium. The blood vessels will constrict and seal themselves off as the platelets create substances to clot and halt the bleeding. This process refers to homeostasis — the body’s attempt to equalize its environment.

Inflammatory: Once hemostasis is achieved, the blood vessels will dilate to let nutrients, white blood cells, antibodies, and other beneficial elements remove debris and bacteria to stave off infection to prepare for the growth of new tissue. During this phase, the area will become inflamed, resulting in redness of the skin, heat, and pain.

Proliferative: Once the wound is successfully clean, the proliferative phase begins. The injury will fill with new tissue as new blood vessels start forming. The wound margins will then contract and pull toward the center of the wound as the wound is covered.

Maturation: Finally, the new tissue begins to gain strength and flexibility as tissue and fiber begin to remodel and mature. The maximum strength is limited to 80 percent that of the pre-injured strength.

This process can be somewhat lengthy, depending on the wound, and can take anywhere from a couple of weeks up to two years. It is an incredibly complex and delicate system.

Fortunately, there’s a quicker way to speed up the process.

How Far Infrared Can Speed Up the Process

For years, studies have shown that far infrared accelerates cell regeneration, promotes tissue growth and repair, and prevents infection. Not only can it encourage healing, but it has been found to cause a soothing effect and reduce the pain of the wound site. Studies have also shown that, depending on the wound, healing can occur even after a few days instead of a few weeks or months!

But how? Far infrared can penetrate the plasma in your blood, causing the water clusters to vibrate and break apart. With smaller water clusters, your circulation will have more room to flow through your body, improving your circulation and boosting your body’s repairing process.

Remember, when circulation is poor in your body, the healing process will slow down or stall altogether. But with far infrared therapy, your blood flow will improve and help the healing progress.

How Gladiator Therapeutics Can Help

The patented ceramics in the Gladiator Far Infrared Device absorb the body’s heat, convert it into far infrared energy, and then redirect it into the body. It requires no power cords or an additional heating source, and you only need to use it less than an hour a day.

Speed the healing process!