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How Gladiator Therapeutics’ Healing Devices Help Reduce Long Recovery Times

By Gladiator Therapeutics

November 24, 2023

Healthcare is expensive, there is no denying this fact. But what often gets ignored in healthcare is the long recovery time that come with it as well. For example, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, common among athletes, can take as long as six to nine months to ensure complete recovery.  Similarly, many surgeries require considerable recovery time. You may have to grapple with physical and emotional restraints for weeks or even months on end. That’s where new healing devices can help. 

Medical technologies, such as far infrared therapy devices, are quickly becoming a beacon of hope for patients looking for faster wound recovery and those looking to alleviate pain from chronic conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome or arthritis. These healing devices will play a vital role in curbing recurring healthcare expenditures.

Gladiator Therapeutics is one of the leading names in developing far infrared therapy devices. Let’s talk about how our devices can help reduce recovery times.  

Introducing Gladiator Therapeutics

At Gladiator Therapeutics, we focus on innovation and compassion. We are a leading research and development company specializing in Far Infrared Technology. Our healing devices use the FIR-based technology to develop devices that promote:

Understanding Gladiator Therapeutics’ Healing Devices

As mentioned, our healing devices rely on far infrared technology to accelerate wound healing. Essentially, these devices promote tissue growth, tissue repair, and help to prevent infection. For example, our healing devices have successfully helped in the recovery of stage VI pressure injuries

Clinical Evidence and Success Stories

Gladiator Therapeutics’ healing devices have garnered widespread recognition and trust because they have been successful for their users. Our devices are backed by scientific evidence and clinical studies. 

In one case, our mini blanket and five ceramic healing devices helped a 24-year-old African American female with both Raynaud’s and Scleroderma in her hands and feet. The patient wore the devices for 10 to 12 hours a day. Within only five days, the patient experienced increased sensitivity in both legs. In 10 weeks, the wound caused by her condition was completely healed.

Similarly, many customers tell us how our far infrared therapy devices have made a difference in their lives. Take A. Barth from Philadelphia, PA, for instance. He developed arthritis in both hands and his healing journey was significantly expedited with a Gladiator Therapeutics’ device. In his words, “Gladiator Therapeutics gave me the ability to continue a career that I enjoy.”

On the other hand, Joseph C. used our shoulder healing device to recover from surgery. He was able to start his physical therapy a month after he started using the device. His previous injury took him nearly three months to begin physical therapy.

These compelling success stories show how our healing devices work as transformative solutions. Whether you have chronic pain or need to recover from surgery, our far infrared therapy devices can help.

The Benefits of Reducing the Recovery Time for Employers

Medical expenses, particularly related to workers’ compensation, continue to increase every year. The truth is indirect costs associated with a workers’ compensation claim could be three to ten times the medical and indemnity costs. In short, on average, such a claim can cost between $120,000 to $400,000. Plus, the longer your skilled employee takes to recover, the more your business is likely to suffer. 

Fortunately, our far infrared therapy devices provide a better, non-invasive, and faster way to recover from injuries and surgeries. Your employees can wear these devices every day to shorten the length of recovery. It helps bring the workers’ compensation and medical expenses down. Moreover, these devices can help reduce pain and use of pain medication so your employees heal better and have fewer lingering effects. 

Our healing devices can help improve your life. But they also alleviate the burden on individuals and healthcare systems, helping to take a step toward more accessible, patient-centric, and non-invasive healthcare solutions. 

Empowering Patients and Promoting Health 

Empowering patients in their healthcare is a must in today’s world. Informed and engaged patients can enjoy better health outcomes and feel more confident in their recovery. 

Our devices help promote self-care and at-home healing. With regular use, you can proactively address your health concerns, promoting faster recovery. But more importantly, our devices help patients play an active part in their healthcare process. That’s the ultimate benefit of using our healing devices. As a patient, you remain in control of your health and healing. 

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Recovering from a surgery or chronic pain is often easier said than done. It could be weeks or months before you can get back to your routine. In today’s fast-paced world, no one can afford to spend weeks or months in bed. It also disrupts your personal and family life. Fortunately, Gladiator Therapeutics, with our far infrared therapy devices, can help you recover quickly and efficiently. Want to learn more about our healing devices? Contact Gladiator Therapeutics today!